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A Cellphone, MP3 player and GPS locator in one, highly over priced and over hyped. Which attracts all the apple fan boy fags that are willing to pay out the ass for that stupid little apple logo on their cell phone or new computer. Which Macs by the way are not high performance gaming machines, so if you are planning to buy a mac for gaming you are a n00b.
Apple Fag: Wow, I just paid $400 for an Iphone, aint it awesome?
Non Apple Fag: I only paid $30 after $50 mail in rebate and I got a Sprint PDA phone with internet browser and GPS, and MP3 player like yours using an SD slot, but I can also take and send pictures which yours cant. You got ripped off man. Apple is crapple.
by forwardbias June 22, 2009
Titanic AKA: "Failboat" It was a ship built with 16 water tight compartments, and deemed to be unsinkable, however on Failboat's maiden voyage, she struck an ice burg, opening the first 5 compartments to the sea, besides striking along the side, the ship also ran aground over the ice burg, as ice burgs are larger under water than the surface, this caused damage to the Failboat's double bottom. Causing flooding in areas of the ship 15 feet in from the hull, coming from below. Likely from the double bottom being severely damaged.

The Failboat's pumps were only able to pump out about 10% of the water that was coming in. And though the total damage was only about 12 feet square (4 meters square) the ship was doomed, and sank 2 and a half hours later, killing more than 1,500 people, many of which froze to death in the freezing Atlantic.

To this day, Titanic is refered to as RMS Failboat. Because of the legendary fail that happened on that cold April night in 1912.

Partially to blame is humanity, believing that not even an act of god can sink a ship, too much trust in technology. That and the noobs that were in charge of writing laws up, instead of having enough life boats for each person on board, instead stated that lifeboat capacity was determined on the tonnage of a vessel.
Milton S Hershey was supposed to have sailed on RMS Failboat (Titanic) on his return to the US with his wife. But then at the last moment a change of plans, saved him from a likely cold wet grave.
by forwardbias May 09, 2010
A type of failure in World of Warcraft that is impossible, but yet still happens, because the person or persons responsible, are just totally uber suck.
Llaith, a level 80 DK was /gkicked after doing a Guild Achievement run in Kara, he wiped the group on Chess. EPIC FAIL!!!

A group of 2000+ WH rating geared raiders attempted to do Naxx 10, but after 3 wipes before Noth on trash, and 5 wipes on Noth, the group fell apart. EPIC FAIL!!!
by forwardbias August 24, 2009
Curry is a popular sauce in Asian dishes, its a fish paste with chili and other spices added.

Curry has a strong smell, which if you cook with curry, the smell with remain on your hands even after you wash them.

Curry is most popular with Thai dishes. Though other Asian countries use Curry as well. The smell may not be that pleasent to some people, and its quite strong. But cooked in a meal, such as Golden Curry Crab, with sliced onions. Its a great meal if you like sweet heat.

Curry in english terms is generally called fish paste, which has links to Ketchup.

The anciant Chinese used a condiment from fish paste, which the English in old Europe made a condiment from tomato paste, more pleasing to old English mouths than the Chinese version, the Chinese name was similar to Ketchup, and why Ketchup is the popular condiment name used on everything from burgers to ziggly fries.

The link to fish paste is only one theory out of several however as to how Ketchup in its modern name surfaced. The Chinese theory is from kôe-chiap, a product from fish paste.

The first English referances to the word were in the late 1600's referring to an Indian sauce.

After Heinz, Ketchup is the common condiment used on everything from burgers to ziggly fries.
Curry might have a strong smell to it, but if you like spice and like seafood, its very good.

Person1 at work lunchroom: Wow, that Asian person just heated up something that smells horrible! I pity that microwave!!
Person2 at work lunchroom: Its Curry, and its actually quite good, if you stopped eating pizza and fries from the work cafe every day, you would not have such a huge butt you burger butt.
by forwardbias June 14, 2009
An MMORPG first mentioned in 2004 as soon coming out, Beta now available!!! Every year it gets backed up, the last release was supposed to be in November of 2008, which never came. And its most likely that Darkfall will never come out. Its just a vapor ware scam.
Hell has a better chance of freezing over than Darkfall being released.

Person 1: I cant wait for Darkfall to come out.
Person 2: Hitler has a better chance of coming back from the dead under the legion of Satan and making us all speak German than that game ever coming out...
by forwardbias July 10, 2009
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