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A sex move in which the male breaks the female's back and forces her to go down on him. If necessary, holding her up by her hair.
"Man, I got the best head ever after I titanic'ed my girlfriend."

"Nice bro, how's she doin'?
by sythedark October 22, 2010
3 12
Whilst watching titanic and in particular THT car scene...a male may recieve a titanic from a female friend.
by Mr Titanic April 05, 2010
4 14
(verb) To draw someone naked, or to be drawn naked
"Sooo for my life drawing class, I had to Titanic this guy wtih a huge beer belly"
by Margieeeeee December 10, 2006
5 16
Describes something that is very large and impressive to view. However it proves dissapointing when used because it goes down soon after setting sail.
Sally: Joe's penis is Titanic.

Jane: What do you mean?

Sally: It's huge but he can't keep it up.
by dion February 04, 2005
22 44
when you take a shit so big it doesnt fit in the toilet. nhalf of it is in the water and half of it is sticking out of the water.
man i just dropped of the titanic in there!
by benny December 01, 2004
32 55
A lady who goes down first time out.
Nick: Hmmmm you suck like the Titanic
Sammy: And you blow like an asthmatic!
by Samick Downunder August 08, 2005
26 51
a female who when she goes down on you, she makes sure none of the "seaman" comes back up
a titanic gave me head yesterday and took all of my semen with her
by shaddy July 15, 2006
16 42