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A sexual position where you penetrate your partner from the rear (as in the famous scene from the film “titanic”) in front of the refrigerator, you precede to open the freezer and grab a full ice tray, you then smack your partner in the face with the ice tray, while yelling “Iceberg right ahead” in your best British accent.
d00d, I was with this kinky girl last night, so I gave her the titanic!
by BoliverClothesOff October 22, 2006
A sexual position in which the male penetrates the female from behind. Meanwhile, she sticks her arms out like in the famous scene from the film. She leans forward and the male partner holds the female with ice cubes in hand by her breasts. As he is about to come, he exclaims, "Never let go."
I was doing The TiTanic with my girlfriend last night. It was picture perfect.
by lilahs a slut June 02, 2014
When a female is giving a male oral sex underwater and when she comes up for air the male hits her over the head with a block of ice.
I was swimming with sheila last night and she started giving me head. So I pulled the The Titanic on her.
by akilles885 January 04, 2015

So you're doing a bitch from behind. Throw cold water on her. Spin her around. Strangle her till she is within an inch of her death. Then Splooge in her eyes and say, “Never let go, Bitch.” She Dies.
Man, i did the Titanic to this bitch last night and now the Popo is after my ass.
by Segrosman October 29, 2006
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