when a man is "hard" and a female sits on his penis and falls to the ground with his penis in her in result snaping his penis.
friend: "why do you have an ice pack on your wang?"
You: "My girl friend gave a titanic."
by billballz January 13, 2010
OMG, The Scheffxp on ustream is TITANIC!
by Rayvencure June 21, 2009
A shit so big that when you first look at it you assume it can't be flushed, despite your doubts you attempt to flush it with great success.
Mike: "Man I was so sure that shit wasn't goin' down, then it was gone in one flush!"

Jamal: Dats a titanic yo!
by Maddymw August 27, 2008
A giant shit. So big that it can't be flushed without first being broken into two pieces.
You shouldve seen what was in my toilet: a massive titanic
by Bojojojr July 01, 2011
The act of breaking your poop into 2 pieces, so you can handle the load a little easier.
I had to Titanic so i could get the package off the ship.
by Judge Doody March 06, 2013
The Titanic is when you are getting head in a hot tub and the girl is underwater blowing you. You wait, and when she comes up for air, you hit her in the face with a big bag of ice.
Guy 1: "Dude, I gave that girl a Titanic last night!"
Guy 2: "Nice man, how did it go?"
Guy 1: "It was awesome man, I hit her with the ice and screamed 'Never Let Go!'"
by DamianSolari February 19, 2009
An exclamation used by party-goers to describe a live scene. The term is used to describe the party and or club as "going down". Used in reference to the famous sea vessel that sank after colliding with an iceberg.
Person 1: "Is the club any good tonight?"
Person 2: "Yeah, it's going down in here"
Person 1: "For real?"
Person 2: "Yeah, it's Titanic in this bitch"
by Jaypeezy2323 April 01, 2009

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