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2 definitions by DamianSolari

The Titanic is when you are getting head in a hot tub and the girl is underwater blowing you. You wait, and when she comes up for air, you hit her in the face with a big bag of ice.
Guy 1: "Dude, I gave that girl a Titanic last night!"
Guy 2: "Nice man, how did it go?"
Guy 1: "It was awesome man, I hit her with the ice and screamed 'Never Let Go!'"
by DamianSolari February 19, 2009
When you are boning a girl from behind, you pull out a frying pan and slam it down on the back of her head, like Peach does in Super Smash Bros. Can also be done with an Umbrella or any of her other weapons.
-"Dude, I gave my girl The Peach Cobbler last night!"
--"Sweet man, now you can skull fuck the back of her head!"
by DamianSolari December 07, 2008