A feeling you have after a few drinks, typically more than buzzed but not full out drunk
He felt more pleasantly tight than at any time since just before that blank period last night
by Tommmmmmmmm August 28, 2009
Pissed off to an extent.

Mostly used to rub someone else's anger in their face.
Ex 1: I'm so effing tight, I spend 30 bucks on a CD that's sold on Ebay for $2.95!

Ex 2: Billy: I can't find my cat...

Bob: About that...I need to find a way to get this blood off my tires.

Billy: ....

Thorton: TIGHT!
by asdfghjkl;yoo August 20, 2009
Is a word meaning aproval
Damn that jacket is Tight or your ass is soo tight
by Dan March 12, 2004
not fitted, to restrict your body in accomplishing its natural overhang.
tony crouchman that shirt your wearing is not fitted it is skin "tight" but i can see what you just had for dinner and i dont think the girls like it.
by ken hom February 24, 2004
1. close together or without flexibility
2. a term used by preppies to mean that something is cool or awesome (special rule: if you don't want to sound like a silly preppy, then you MUST follow tight up with the word vagina whenever you use it in the awesome context(this rule was created by my man, colin lamb))
1. these pants are so tight my balls cant breathe
2.a(preppy). those shoes are TIGHT!
b(not preppy). those shoes are TIGHT.... vagina!
by Dave January 09, 2004

the best picture magazine in the world, published in New York, featuring college age girls showing things that their fathers' haven't seen since they used to change their diapers (unless they are from West Virginia).


1. the type of close fit you get when you are with a virgin

2. something (nearly) as nice as getting it on with a young virgin

3. cheap


a close relationship such as between fathers and daughters from West Virginia

As soon as I get a job, I'm getting a subscription to Tight so I don't have to steal my brother's sticky copies.


1. These gloves are so tight, they are like Jim's sister was before I got done with her.

2. That Lincoln is one tight ride.

3. Your mom is so tight she makes me buy the condoms.


Me and my cousin's girlfriend are so tight, he'll probably start suspecting the kid is mine and not his.
by Joe Boggs December 23, 2003
This problem is tight!
by Anonymous October 09, 2003

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