Tight is the state you are in after one or several drinks.
Buna: "It's 4pm. It's my favourite time of day. Time to get tight."

D: "Looks like Buna is going drinking again."

E: "He's completly tight."

All: "Tight for life!"
#drunk #buzzed #high #smashed #hammered
by daniby January 07, 2011
A feeling you have after a few drinks, typically more than buzzed but not full out drunk
He felt more pleasantly tight than at any time since just before that blank period last night
#buzzed #drunk #great #blitzed #smashed
by Tommmmmmmmm August 28, 2009
1. Sweet, awesome, cool.

2. Small.
1. yo man dat civic IS TYTE

2. Stop wearing those fucking tight shirts slut.
by DJ-BILLZ May 11, 2005
to be pissed off at or mad/angry
what happened today got me tight
by Dezee71989 May 04, 2005
being very close friends with someone
Sanika: Wow, we are so tight Anushka! We are basically best friends!
Anushka: Ikr,we are so tight, Sanika!
by higuysitsmecookielover April 16, 2016
something that is good or cool can also mean close friends
your stereo is tight!
we're tight.
#close #cool #sick #good #good friends
by mj2k10 March 09, 2010
Pissed off to an extent.

Mostly used to rub someone else's anger in their face.
Ex 1: I'm so effing tight, I spend 30 bucks on a CD that's sold on Ebay for $2.95!

Ex 2: Billy: I can't find my cat...

Bob: About that...I need to find a way to get this blood off my tires.

Billy: ....

Thorton: TIGHT!
#pissed #angry #mad #idk #ah #pussy #fun #gooze #blah
by asdfghjkl;yoo August 20, 2009
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