Close, almost impossible, lucky.
Ooh, that's a tight squeeze.
by craig May 07, 2004
Too close or narrow for passage.
Any moron who says something is "tight", should use the cool words, like cool.
by M K September 23, 2003
Could mean :
1.)Close, very good friends
2.)Cool, hip, nice looking.
(Can be compared to other tight things for more emphasis)
1.)Me and Ray-Ray been tight since 8th grade.

2.) That car is tight. (Or...That car is tighter than Anna Nicole Smith's jeans after hittin the Sizzler buffet!)
by Doggy Fizzle June 07, 2003
1. Sweet, awesome, cool.

2. Small.
1. yo man dat civic IS TYTE

2. Stop wearing those fucking tight shirts slut.
by DJ-BILLZ May 11, 2005
This problem is tight!
by Anonymous October 09, 2003
looking top of the line. exceptionally good
that shit is tight!
by bajan gal January 31, 2003
to be mean.
Matt: He was so ugly he looked like he had a dick growing on his face.
Ken: Dude that's so tight.

Raz: I stood him up last night.
Kaz: Why'd you do that for? You were both keen to see each other.

Raz: Just cos I didn't feel like seeing him anymore.
Kaz: That's a shit excuse, that's pretty tight.
by youreacunt October 26, 2011

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