Close, almost impossible, lucky.
Ooh, that's a tight squeeze.
by craig May 07, 2004
Could mean :
1.)Close, very good friends
2.)Cool, hip, nice looking.
(Can be compared to other tight things for more emphasis)
1.)Me and Ray-Ray been tight since 8th grade.

2.) That car is tight. (Or...That car is tighter than Anna Nicole Smith's jeans after hittin the Sizzler buffet!)
by Doggy Fizzle June 07, 2003
Tight; related to not being a squishy orafice, but rather as the nice firm and wet fruit. Sometimes people also use this word and it seems as if they are saying it is cool, but what they really mean is that it is as tight as an asian.
That asian was so tight that I had a rashy red ring in the middle of my pennis.
by Mc Cream Dream October 27, 2007
This problem is tight!
by Anonymous October 09, 2003
looking top of the line. exceptionally good
that shit is tight!
by bajan gal January 31, 2003
to be mean.
Matt: He was so ugly he looked like he had a dick growing on his face.
Ken: Dude that's so tight.

Raz: I stood him up last night.
Kaz: Why'd you do that for? You were both keen to see each other.

Raz: Just cos I didn't feel like seeing him anymore.
Kaz: That's a shit excuse, that's pretty tight.
by youreacunt October 26, 2011
(To be tight on an individual) Used to describe situation in which the likely outcome is not a favorable one.
1) Dude owes the mob 100,000 dollars and he has to pay up by midnight tonight? Damn its tight on him!

2) Dude hasn't turned in an assignment in 4 weeks? Damn its tight on him!

3) Dude got caught for the 3rd time driving while he was drunk? Damn its tight on him!

4) Dude just got evicted and has no place to go? Damn its tight on him!

5) Dude is in the middle of smashin some ho, but he doesn't know his wife just pulled into the driveway? Damn its tight on him!
by Mack Stevens August 04, 2011
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