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Drunk, wasted, obliterated, hammered, destroyed etc.
Yo dude bro, I was so tight last night when I hooked up with that mad ugly chick.
by tleetlee June 11, 2008
angry, upset, embarrassed, etc
"i lost my wallet" "youre tight"
*someone falls off a chair* OH THEY ARE SO TIGHT!
by chelsea315 April 09, 2008
The opposite of Amped,usually used for situations of
1) bad luck
2) pain
3) embarrassment
1) person a:"I was hitting on this girl last night, but she has a boyfriend"
person b:"Oh, you're tight"
2) someone slips on ice and hits their head
3) someone lets out a nasty fart in public, and a really hot girl/guy looks at them weird
by DLK12 February 26, 2008
(adj) flawless, skillfully executed, nearly perfect, not sloppy, neat.
Led Zepplin was a tight band.
Tony Hawk's tricks are all super tight.
The Sex Pistols had some good songs, but when they played live they were not very tight.
by oldschoolio April 14, 2007
means super cool, awesome, or great
dude that car is tight!!!!

by uhhhMARISSA September 21, 2005
to add after an adjective
(in french->raide)
-The movie was cool, I debuzz tight!
(in french->
-le film était malade, j'débuzz tight/j'débuzz raide
-j'aime tes souliers, ils sont malades raide
by roi ponpon August 14, 2005
to be pissed off at or mad/angry
what happened today got me tight
by Dezee71989 May 04, 2005