Negative term used to describe bad behavior and/or wrongful doing.
What you did to that guy was pretty tight.
by wastedproof November 20, 2006
this idiotic "slang" word that refuses to die.
"that was hecka tight!"
by sleepisbetter July 19, 2003
1) A tight orifice.

2) To be shrewd and ungenerous with money. To be a scrooge.

3)To be beyond satisfactory.
Bitch is tight.

My dad is tight

That is tight.
by Gumba Gumba March 15, 2004
The late 90's/2000 term for something that is cool.
Friend: "Dude, i got a new computer for christmas"

Me: "Tight, dude!"
by thatguyfromthestore3 February 17, 2010
to be cool, hip, or pimp
That crap is tight!
by 135792468 October 13, 2006
1. small or elastic space
2. hot, cool or 'in'
3. to be angry
1. That was one tight pussy.
2. Yo, that nigga's kicks were tight.
3. That mothafucka had me tight about some shit.
by the honorable Jennichka December 22, 2005
Close, almost impossible, lucky.
Ooh, that's a tight squeeze.
by craig May 07, 2004

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