To be drunk.

began as 1920's slang and has been carried into other slang by literary drunks.
We all got tight and went down to another bar.
by Christopher March 04, 2005
a virgin's pussy
after the prom i fucked dat bitch that pussy was tight!
by da mexican July 05, 2003
when you are mildly tipsy, but not capital T tipsy yet.
Lets walk down to that cafe and get a little tight!
by BAMF - emma January 09, 2008
1) Of clothing; Close fitting to the point of discomfort.
2) Of anything in general; Almost too small to fit something through.
3) Slang; Stylish
4) Slang; Not very generous
5) British slang; Mean or cruel (see also: Shady)
1) "Christ, these jeans are way too tight."
2) "It was a tight squeeze, but I managed to get my car through his window."
3) "Man, that shit is TIGHT!"
4) "She is such a tight bitch with her money."
5) "Danny, stop kicking that rabbit, it's well tight."
by Stuart Fletcher January 13, 2005
Describing the unity between good friends.
Friend #1: Friend #2, we're tight!
Friend #2: Tight like spandex!
by Mazziah Chaos August 17, 2006
1. close
2. pussy that grips you, is hard to get into
3. stylish
4. scrooge-like
1. Ken & I have been tight since we were public school (together).
2. Her pussy was so tight when I first tapped her that I had trouble getting an inch and a half into her. She was real tight for the first 2 or 3 dozen times.Even now after 5 years she grips me tight.
3. Did you see his ride ?! it was tight.
4. My mom's so tight she won't give me five dollars.Must be the Scot in her.
by Jake February 20, 2004
An adjective describing a band that plays well together or never misses a beat.
Everytime I go to a Dropsonic show I'm amazed at how tight they sound.
by Gabe Cardinale January 23, 2004

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