tight ass pussy
-damn bitch your pussy is so tight i cant even stick it in.
by lawwwra May 08, 2003
to be angry, annoyed, shocked, pissed,screwed. When someone is tight they are not in a good mood, something bad has happend to them
When we lost the game today i was so tight
#angry #annoyed #shocked #pissed #screwed
by brendan doherty October 04, 2007
Auto racing term describing a condition when the vehicle is very hard to turn
Jeff Gordon scraped the wall exiting turn 2 because he sucks, but he thinks his car is too tight
by baldylocks1976 January 29, 2005
one who has their "shit" together. something that's working perfectly or is very well done.
man she's tight! or... that's one tight peice of work, well done.
by lj August 20, 2003
A slang term for "close" "together" "cool" "hip" and other similar words.

A word used by people too lazy to used the correct term and/or seeking to be perceived as cool by using a type of slang that typically is very far from their up-bringing.
That guy from Nob Hill said "Hey, your ride is tight," and sounded like a real wannabe.
by WSafireWannabe April 17, 2004
The expression of a guy when he doesn't know what to say.
"Honey i got a new mini van." " Tight."
#cool #yeah #great #poppin' #hip
by keke G. December 17, 2007
Being under severe pressure on a drugs comedown.
Fuck this m8, Im getting it really tight.
#drugs #hangover #mania #xtc #speed
by dmcc81 October 29, 2006
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