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It is a sea shirt, used to protect you from the sun and rashes when surfing and swimming
that kid has a sick rashy
by BettyOs August 10, 2006
Rashy is the shorter and more popular version of rashybone

Rashy is used to describe weak, onshore surf conditions as well as negative things in general
Doris: "Can we get on the brewskis tonite?"
Mayo: "FuckYeah! but theres no double brown left..."
Doris: "oOooOh......rashy"

Burns: "Wana hit up a surf?"
T rex: "Nah I had a look its rashy as"
by white-trash-doris May 30, 2008
1. Slang term for pussy, often paired with the word pu-tang or 'putani'.

2. Reference to sluts or the slurry.
1. 'Gonna get me some sweet rashy!'; 'Rashy putani!!!'
2. 'Where are my gumboots? I'll be gettin knee-deep in the rashy!'
by Eddiez_pr1de September 18, 2007
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