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A red ring around the bum hole after anal sex (usually associated with gay sex), also often used as an insult.
So bill did jimmy give you a red ring last nite?
Yea will youve got a red ring!
by ravingbender October 02, 2005
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Cool little fella. Looks like rap sensation Lil Bow Wow. Makes interesting posts and is in love with fellow poster BHman who is in reality not a man but a tranny.
Whoa RedRing posted another Cookie jar thread. Now I've got something to do instead of masturbate on a Saturday night!
by Annatar August 30, 2004
Unwanted burning sensation around the ring of the anus left after spicy food, normal from a curry or mexican.
Sorry John, i'm gunna be late, had a madras last nite and i've got red ring and it's causing me a bit of agro.
by Jiggaman April 14, 2005
when you are have sex a very tight girl and you are so rough that you rip her pussy wider causing a ring of blood around your dick
I guess she wasn't as experienced as she thought because in the morning we discovered a red ring.
by Mikeagod March 21, 2005
Red Ringing is when you take some crushed up pills or other drug powder, and you have another person use a straw to blow it into your asshole.
Hey man, I got these oxys. Should I snort them?
No way, man. Red Ring them. You'll get so much higher!
by Cunt Hammer December 27, 2005

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