Original use: the mood or spirit between members of a music group who are having a particularly excellent performance.

Modern use: describes something particularly enjoyable or awesome.
We rocked that place out, everything was funky and our band was tight, man. We were all feelin' it.

That movie was tight. I loved it.
by Albert February 15, 2004
When a person is reluctant to spend money or personal items.
That bitch is as tight as a camel's arse in a sandstorm
by Kurt Malton May 18, 2004
In "The Sun Also Rises," Hemingway uses the word "tight" for drunk, intoxicated, inebriated, etc.
"Why aren't you tight?"
by Meg4089 April 01, 2006
they are not pants.
Bitch A: Ohmygod just LOOK at that girl! Fashion faux pas #634: wearing tights as pants.

Bitch B: OMG She's doing #634 a and b at the SAME TIME: she's wearing them with a sweatshirt!
by natalio72 March 29, 2010
A typical guys's expression to positively describe something that guys would like but that girls would not be interested in; usually a machine, contraption, or social situation. Frequently accompanied by a flick of the wrist.
"Bro, this Pizzazz Pizza Maker is TIGHT!"
by Dudn'em January 08, 2010
adj. A person or a thing that looks good, acts cool, is cool or is stylish.
1. The new Tupac CD is tight.
2. Look at Sue in her Jordache's. She looks tight.
3. Don't front Lorenzo, he tight.
by thug4life October 03, 2002
when you are mildly tipsy, but not capital T tipsy yet.
Lets walk down to that cafe and get a little tight!
by BAMF - emma January 09, 2008

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