Top Definition
1. A person with a large dick.

2. A pimp.

3. A person who will become succesful in some way.
He is such a Felix, I wish i was him.
by djhdgfvmgfdhycm April 27, 2008
Greatest Person you'll ever meet
who can make you laugh and whose hair is very very tempting to touch.

Chick: Felix make me laugh
Felix: Tu es hablar el taco taco?
by Rawrsy February 14, 2009
Main Entry: fe-lix
Pronunciation: \ˈfā-liks\
Function: noun
Etymology: Latin --- more at Lean Cuisine

1 : a person with amazing stature.
2 : a person with a large penis.
3 : an explosive discharge of neuromuscular tensions at the height of sexual arousal.
That guy is up to par with Felix.
by anonylolozl September 10, 2008
Felixs are swag masters that mastered the swag arts. They release swagwhen in battle and contain it when near bitches. Felixs swag so much that they overdose on it and go on "over-swag" stage. The "over-swag" stage involves girls that are thirsty for Felix, the swag master.
1) A funny guy who doesnt like to confide in people. Felixs are generally small and skinny. They know how to make people laugh but can make a situation less awkward. Felix's arent very trusting as they have been let down in life. They can be quite hot :) But are known to blank people at cinemas.
2) A cat ;). Pusskins.

Kate: IS that Felix?

Lucy: HE's blanking us so I think so.
by LittleRave January 21, 2009
A common name world-wide. Most felix's are very kind-hearted and love to laugh. Most of them are different to most guys, they are incredibly nice and makes you feel special. They are definitely the sporty type and are usually quite attractive
Person 1: You know that Felix kid?
Person 2: Yeah, he cracks me up all the time.

Person 1: I think im gonna try to get to know him better!
by whaaddupp February 10, 2013
Hot ass Puerto Rican with a nice muscular back, ass, and the juciest legs a girl has ever seen. Doesn't talk often, but who cares cause he's f-ing sexy!
Angie: Oh look that's Felix!
liz: OMG!!! Where?
by loveboycott February 04, 2010
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