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pronounced Gee-Yal (one syllable), Used by Carribean people (or fools who thing they're cool) for 'gir','lady' or 'female'
"Aye, yuh na watch da gyal a deh-hey."
"Hey, can't you see that the girl is here?"
by Mya* October 21, 2003
405 155
a girl ( west indian)
Look ah de gyal Dem sexy
Look at all the girls they are sexy
by Laquita December 28, 2004
274 95
The Caribbean way of saying girl...but dnt get it twisted it is also offensive to some girls especially if you are not Caribbean
"A which gyal a ask if a bragga dat? Come ova ya suh n mek mi dagga dat"
by HeArTbReAk KiDd June 15, 2009
102 65
a bad-ass way ov sayin girl.
also gal...
hey baby gyal, cmon we gwon holla @ ya
by gaz November 18, 2003
93 177
a ghetto way of sayin girl ar gal
look at dem gyals man dey tink dey tops
by gyal October 03, 2003
74 207