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A type of spirit with high alcohol content, typically 70+ proof (35%+ alcohol by volume), which is drank in "shots", typically 1-1.5 ounces.
I don't feel like beer tonight, get some shooters instead.
by Ogre December 10, 2004
The year of the Intergalactic Rap Battle.

Also, one of the greatest rap CD's to ever come out.
Yo its 3030, i want ya'll to meet deltron-zero, and automator...
by Ogre October 13, 2004
a really big/fat pussy
Anna Nicole Smith before she got fat = puntang
Anna Nicole Smith on her tv show(aka fat)= pontoon tang
by Ogre December 25, 2004
/ cool / awesome / / niggardly / / a close call / / being pinched together /
Just wanted to say that a friend of mine says "T.I.T., tight"

thought it was funny he audibly spells tight that way.
by Ogre December 22, 2003
its a word to make people who dont know what it means look like a fool it doseint mean anything its a made up word but onther people dont know that its funny to say look a sheshwa and people go where where and look really stupid try it
look look theres a sheshwa but you have to point
by ogre July 04, 2004
an affirmative statement, accepting an offer
"you dude, you wanna chief this?"
*pass* ^_^
by Ogre December 22, 2003

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