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Tight is a norther-california word that was most often used by skater punks. It is most effetively used in conjunction with hella. It has faded in nothern-california but it is all over tv now, and no longer exclusive to skaters.
1. That concet was hella tight.
2. That trick was tight as f***.
3. Was the party tight.
4. It was hella tight.
by Holla at Ya Boy April 07, 2006
2 6
means tit, say it to everyone not many people no what it means
you mother fucking TIGHT
by clur March 05, 2005
5 9
its when you're close wit ur homeboys innit
jd n turk r tite innit - so dont go chirpsin me els i get ma homeboys ta bus ya face - no wot i say
by breadbin October 30, 2003
2 6
mad and or annoyed
what did john say when he lost the fight?
he was mad tight
by el diabl0 September 08, 2008
3 8
a word that people (blacks) use to not fell white....i'm black
jhon: "Yo son i lost my iPod yesterday."
Chris: "You Tight!"
by yo yo yo yonjvg August 18, 2008
3 8
Tight member of rival crew in haverhill (see rival)
"tight was merkin bear mc's last nite blad"
by Ashley Renton "RiVaL" May 17, 2006
1 6
a girl or boy who is reluctant to do sexual things with the opposite sex, make out, finger, give blow job, have sex etc.
Kelly wouldn't go father then a kiss, shes tight.
by Moozer January 02, 2006
4 9