a girl or boy who is reluctant to do sexual things with the opposite sex, make out, finger, give blow job, have sex etc.
Kelly wouldn't go father then a kiss, shes tight.
#scared #girl #boy #sex #pussy
by Moozer January 02, 2006
What a Scotsman's purse is
That Jock McCraddock never buys the first round. Let's piss in his pint
by Our-Man-In-Nantucket January 28, 2004
adj. An action that is very rude or downright mean (used all the time in the 80's).
Did you hear about that tight shit that Bobby did to his girlfriend's Mom?

I can't believe you stole my Chia Pet...that is so tight!
by Matt December 23, 2002
I have only heard this being used around my area. (Dorset, England) At school if a teacher has been mean to you given and made you do something (e.g. a detention) we say it's tight.
Person 1: " Miss gave me a detention for forgetting my maths book. "

Person 2: " Really? Oh man that's well tight! "
#local words #slang #urban word #one meaning for tight #words i use
by D4 F1VE-0 November 09, 2005
One of the most stylish, popularest, coolest person that is born awesome. This person also has their life put together that makes them all over things.
O my god that girl is tight with a all that glamour
by Kaitlin March 17, 2005
A chick who has a really tight pussy. AKA the type of girl you don't want to hang out with when you want some high-quality tang
Dude, let's go get some poooosy from these chicks.
Yea right, those girls are tights.
Fuck tights! Let's go hire a hooker!
#antonyms: #whore #slut #tramp #skank
by BoB BiTcHeS May 10, 2006
1. rhythmic: on point
2. female, not old
1. drums and guitars are so together: that riff is tight!

2. I asked if he'd like to do my little sister. but he think she's too tight.
by Lisa June 15, 2003
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