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-Having very little excess material,
-A description of a person's body (without much abdominal or general body volume - not to be confused with hot or cute)
Man, that girl is tight, but she is neither hot nor cute

You see her on the dance floor? She looks tight and she's pretty cute too.

Damn, she's smoking hot and tight.
by Studman February 18, 2005
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a persons clothing thats cool, things are that cool! things that you like.
Yo man that shit is tight!
by Bailey April 28, 2004
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being thrifty/frugal, not willing to spend or share, the art of being stingy
stupid ameerkins use this word for "cool" or "hip" or "close knit"
its only 50 cents, don't be so tight;
we're on a tight budget at the moment;
he is such a tight ass
by Stan Collyflower August 13, 2003
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A couple who got they shit together.
Who are like bestfriends
Damn they to tight to break up
by C babyy December 01, 2013
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Really pissed or stressed about something.
Teacher: I am sorry Hudson, you did not win the Class Election.
Ben:did you win?
CHILD: No I am so tight right now. I needed that position.
by FLHS GJH October 29, 2013
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To be in a bad situation. Usually called out by a random person.
Person A: I have a two midterms is a row!
Person B: That's too bad.
Person Y: TIGHT!!!
by yInIlti April 25, 2011
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A state of mind in which the speaker wishes to express anger, sadness, discontent, and disappointment all in one word.
Nelly - "my shorty, my wife, my lover, my life, she left me, I'm TIGHT"

Personal Example on the porch of a house party...

ME:"hey does anyone have a spare cigarette?"...
2:"nah, sorry"
3:"sorry man"
ME:"I'll give you a dollar"
2:"All out, sorry"
3:"Only got 1 left"
4:"Psst, just a dollar?"
by DJ Sneaky Fingers March 04, 2011
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