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A long golf club with a large head that Tiger's caddie Stevie usually pulls out for him on the tee off par 4's or par 5's.

Or another name for Tiger's erect penis, which has gotten him in trouble by penetrating scores of vaginas other than his wife's.
"Have you seen Tiger's Wood?" "Um, no comment"
by Mr. Frizzle December 14, 2009
The name for the phallis of a man who cheats on his wife.
Gary is married but it came out recently that he cheated on his wife with many other women. Looks like a clear case of Tiger's Wood.
by sike moda December 07, 2009
When you cheat on your wife many times and she catches you "Getting It On".
Last week, my friend got divorced because he was caught having "Tiger's Wood" with a co-worker.
by STAN MAN! April 19, 2010

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