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To be abused by a female companion for cheating
Me: why yu got black eye
Don P: got tiger wooded by my missus when she saw the text message from the air hostess...damn it hurts!
by z-murda December 08, 2009
means mad conspiracy, unreasonable thoughts from mainly people high on blunts and spliffs
Kapricon: Hey ya where is the road to the Private Eyes club
Alli: Errr, let's go to the moon
Z-Murda: Thats completlely madcon by NASA
by z-murda January 02, 2009
male sports man who sticks his penis into another male's asshole. Also known as sodomy
White cracker: Sol Campbell is a frigging gay
Jim Crow: Common ma, the nigga ain't no sweet corn miner
by z-murda May 15, 2009

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