A yahoo chatroom category that should not share rooms with punk and ska. In fact, none of those should mix in public. It's like dropping different kinds of large predatory cats in the same pit.
Go there and see for yourself. they just slag each other all day long.
by John November 25, 2003
To kick someones ass.
"I fully thrashed him. He spent a week in hospital."
"Middlesbrough thrashed Manchester by 3 goals."
by Diego September 09, 2003
A Mixture of punk and metal
Megadeth, Slayer, Anthax, Death angel, Testament, Exodus etc...
by Vic Rattlehead May 19, 2005
to fuck hard< same meaning as smash
Say Lil Mamma Dont You Go In My Pants Till We Hit The Days Inn Then Let A Nigga Thrash WIPE ME DOWN- Foxx
by Fla Boy September 10, 2007
A name for a grinding metal genre. Also used as adjectives for other genres, Thrash Metal, Thrash Punk.

Or a form of skating other then the clean cut flip trick form, one who skates destructivly and thrashes the concrete. Also known as Shredding.
Dude DRI is a awesome, Thrash Punk band.

Dude I thrashed the local spot last night, it was great.
by cam77 January 13, 2006
to eat; tear through
i could totally thrash this whole piece of cake
by Danielle August 24, 2004
To Masturbate. To jerk off.
Stop thrashing, you'll go blind and you'll grow hair on your palms
by Seye November 20, 2003

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