To masturbate. To jerk off. To choke the chicken.
I have not gotten any action in a while so I'm gonna have to thrash.
by Seye November 20, 2003
anal sex with no lubrication
I thrashed that ho!
by Tbagger October 01, 2003
A style of punk, also called hardcore punk. Can also be applied to a subgenre of metal.
Black Flag would be a classic 80's thrash band, Megadeth would be thrash metal. Metallica is a group of sellout whores.
by Jesus December 08, 2003
trash with an "H" before r.
throw that tHrash away...
by curved shit September 02, 2003
Feeling good; really good mood; invincible
He was feeling real thrash today.
by Cyanide Martyr October 01, 2015

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