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A fighting manuever used when your opponent is too close to punch. A face rub includes anyone of the following: eye goudging, putting one's fingers up another's nose, twisting another's nose, pushing down hard on your opponent's face, grabbing their face and mangling it, any improvised pain inflicted by mashing one's face by grabbing and mashing.
Lorenzo and Sean fought until they fell in between the the trampoline springs, then they just gave each other face rubs until we broke it up.
by sonicturkey March 18, 2006
Giving hard sex to woman. Having hard sex with yourself. Wild passionate sex where the thrashee cums out of it very satisfied.
I was thrashing her so hard that it woke up her neighbors across the street.
by sonicturkey March 18, 2006
Someone who is perpetually on drugs and comes up to you on the street and is like, "...blah, blah, blah," for hours. All you try to do is get away but they keep yapping about bullshit that they make up. (I swear to you there is a drugtard at my door right now knocking and knocking away as I'm typing this). A lot of times they are your neighbors and you have to avoid them as much as possible because they will ask you for some stupid ass favor or make up some crisis because they have no jobs and nothing to do but be on drugs and addictive medication.
Most of the people who live in this apartment complex are students or drugtards. The drugtards are a pain in the ass.
by sonicturkey March 18, 2006
Penis, cock, dick, wang, johnson.
I stabbed her with my flesh knife.
by sonicturkey March 18, 2006
Dirty dreadlocks or the intentionally homeless, jobless, and dirty, but, unintentionally trendy and shallow simpleton who is wearing them. Usually a white kid between the ages of 14-28; Male and female; Always having a Bob Marley poster in there apartment or house; Always asking you for change; Always self-contradictory.
Another name for a waspafarian is moldy locks.
by sonicturkey April 17, 2006
An opened but unfinished can of beer left out until it's warm. A full royball is a beer that has been opened and then never touched again. Royballs are considered a huge waste of beer and an act that brands you as a pussy. Understandably, the last sip is considered backwash, sauce, foam, froth, or some other undesirable description and it is o.k. to leave a tiny bit in the can equivalent to a sip. Anything more than a sip left in the can is considered a royball. An addendum to the "man-code" should be: thou shall not leave royballs.
I found like 30 royballs while helping clean up after Farney's party. One of them spilt on my shirt and there was 3 cigarette butts in it, I almost puked.
by sonicturkey April 17, 2006
to fuck the shit out of some bitch.
I want to pound her in the pounch.
by sonicturkey March 18, 2006
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