Also known as thrash metal. Stylistically expanding from speed metal, thrash was harsher, heavier and in some cases even faster than its predecessor. The lyrics, as before, were associated with the more negative aspects as life, as well as the darker. A good amount of thrash also dealt with political or social subjects not dissimilar to punk. Vocals were less sung and more shouted, and drums were often rapid fire. Solos, as you might imagine, were at times prominent throughout nearly an entire song. It was at this point in metal that music would only become heavier and more aggressive. Thrash was menacing, crushing and often disliked by the mainstream community for its heaviness. The music form would die down in the 1990's, and be replaced by the likes of black and death metal. Thrash was most likely named as such because many fans of the music often thrash (or "mosh") one another around at concerts. Common examples of thrash include Bathory, Dark Angel, D.R.I., Exodus, Kreator, Metal Church, Slayer, Testament, Venom, Violence, and countless others.
Britain's Sabbat is one of the most underrated thrash bands from the late 1980's.
by Goatlord April 30, 2003
Rail enthusiasts use this term to describe locomotive engine noise. "Thrash" is greatly appreciated - the louder the better, and this is why enthusiasts often risk life and limb by sticking their heads out the windows of trains to sample it.
The thrash from that Class 37 pulling out of Wolverhampton was hellfire!
by Splee August 19, 2004
It's when you dump a chick you scored to a party.
by KHDT October 06, 2010
thrash:to have sex..fuck..
Damn see Ol girl over there?..i would thrash!!!
by Lycan89 March 14, 2010
v The act of skateboarding aggressively; Skateboarding in a manner of dopeness
Josh Kalis will thrash everytime he hits a ledge.
by Nate Murphy September 13, 2003
Working on the drag car, Wrenching !!
"It is all about the thrash", and the thrash was officially on. Out to the garage, refreshing adult beverages in hand and a spring in my step. I sez to my gal, "Pinky, gonna be busy for a while."
by Augusto December 02, 2007
To kick someones ass.
"I fully thrashed him. He spent a week in hospital."
"Middlesbrough thrashed Manchester by 3 goals."
by Diego September 09, 2003

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