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swinging your head up and down as hard as you can as if to almost rip it of, while listening to heavy metal music
Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i was headbanging to some metallica, and i got whiplash, it was so fucking hardcore
by GIANT(in my pants?) May 28, 2008
a type of dance generally linked to metalheads and goths. People are generally found doing this at metal/rock concerts. It consists of shaking the head violently in an upwards and downwards motion so that your hair flys around and goes in everyones mouth around you. People normally end up with a headache after doing this.
jesus, that guy is head banging so hard his head might fall off
by luciiii!! woo, thats me! April 24, 2005
The state at which one is trying to stay awake but failing resulting in the slowly down-turning head and quick rise up when one realizes their falling which occurs over and over resulting in a motion that when sped up resembles the act of head-banging.
Introduced by a popular sports commercial in which the culprit was recorded on their phone falling asleep and then the video was sped up and put to slayer sounding music.

Whispers "Hey look at him"

"Haha, yeah, he's head-banging hardcore"
by Herolvl1 October 08, 2013
someone who sits in a car and when there dad breaks and then they throw there head back and there moobs fly backwards and hit them in the face
gregory sat in the car and he was headbanging

bethany was sitting in class headbanging

jayne was sitting in her councilling room headbanging
by mygrandmaandyourgrandma October 23, 2011
a type of oral sex in which the female aggressively thrusts her head up and down on the penis causing her hair to fly around wildly.
"Man, she wasn't just blowing me. She was head banging on my cock."
by oneuglybastard5 March 22, 2010
A term used to describe oral sex. Using the mouth to perform sexual practices on a partner.
Me and the wife had some good head banging last night!
by swotm May 26, 2008
The act of receiving fellatio whilst enjoying a stimulating game of "guitar hero" for playstation the second.
"Hey man, what did you do last night?"

"Head Banging to some Crossroads"

"What the hell is that?"

"The most balla shit eva!"
by Lake Jangley September 19, 2006
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