A great movie consisting of a pasty white guy and a magic negro.
By now you should have guessed...I'm your magic negro.
by spg November 12, 2003
1) The karma sutra of special effects and unique camara angles that changes the audiences perspective and is the basis for every regurgitated charlie's angel movie.

2) Any movie where the primary movie should have not been followed by a sequal but corporate automatas and coka cola product spots have swayed middle class directors and screen writers to sell there soul for 5 more minutes of fame

3)A great movie consisting of a pasty white guy and a magic negro.
1) The House of the Dead was the worst movie ever, save for the matrix and titties.

2)Jurassic park was glorious until they matrixed it.

3) Whats a better example of a matrix than Kazaam.
by travos November 17, 2003
The act of ruining an awsome movie by making two more pointless sequels just to make more money on the box office.
The Matrix was an awsome movie, but Matrix Reloaded and Revolution both sucked major nuts.
by Fuckitall July 10, 2006
A series of movies that was absolutely the most awesome thing on earth...until the last two minutes of the third movie when the whole thing got shot to hell, along with all of my admiration for the Wachowskis. Actually, NOTHING got shot to hell. That was the problem. A freakin' TRUCE?! Come on!
At least Neo died. "I know kung fu." Give me a break.
by cardshark March 14, 2004
n.A place that is pulled down right in front of your eyes to blind you from the real world. Part of a computer program designed to save the race of humanity.
Morpheus takes Neo and teaches him how to live in the Matrix
by Homer May 16, 2003
a)A movie trilogy that could be described as Lord of the Rings meets Star Wars meets Terminator meets anime meets a whole lot of philosophical mumbo jumbo and with some greek/christian themes thrown in the mix. Oh yeah sprinkle with some flying kung fu and slow motion shooting. A kickass movie, but instead of getting better as it went along, it got a bit worse (yet still kickass).

b)A great movie consisting of a pasty white guy and a magic negro. (lol)
a)I went to see the Matrix, and it was kickass, and it made me think a little... naw i'm just kidding it was just kickass.

b) magic negro: No one can tell you what The Matrix is, you must find out yourself.
pasty white guy: I know kung fu!
by Omega P-Man April 08, 2004
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