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A magical genie rapper with attitude. Lives in a large boom box.
by Kazaam November 18, 2004
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An expression used when making fun of Shaq.
Yao Ming was thinking "Kazaam!" when he blocked Shaq's first 3 shot attempts against him.
by Chris Rock May 02, 2003
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Shaquille O'Neal's worst moment since Shaq Fu.
by Anonymous May 20, 2003
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1. to be so conceited and/or stupid that you think that people would want to see you doing anything, including appearing in a movie as a genie
2. an explitive uttered while trying to struggle through 5 minutes of "Kazaam" starring Shaquille O'Neal
1. I hope Kobe don't think he all kazaam an' shit.
2. KAZAAM!!! I can't believe this motherfucka just did a rap where the chorus was "We be genies."
by Phil Kuntz December 02, 2002
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This can be achieved as a male is just about to climax while he is participating in anal or vaginal sex. As soon as he feels the "relief" comming he quickly pulls out and taps his partner on the shoulder and shoots his ecjaculate into her eye, once it hits he says "kazaam"
Important note: Kazaam is most effective while the partners are in the "doggy style" position.
Holley was pissed at Jared for giving her the "kazaam" because she couldn't see anything out of her left eye for a week
by Whoflungpoo August 14, 2006
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sayin like that thing is da bomb. its the best.
Baby if i was shaq i would say your ass is Kazaaam!!
by My NgUyen AkA Fo ReAlz February 28, 2005
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