As soon as a man begins sexual intercourse, he immediately dials a random number in his phonebook. When they pick up the phone, the man says "I'm in" and hangs up. He has now entered The Matrix.
- Dude, I entered The Matrix last night!

- I know, I was your operator.
by Know_Your_Milk July 15, 2010
the internet. a computer generated fake reality where even faker people live the fakest lives. inhabitants rarely exercise and although are extroverts 'online' are usually antisocial and have few friends in the real world. they live in blogs instead of blocks, watch youtube instead of real television, have twitter followers instead of friends, hang out on facebook instead of sports bars, make phone calls with skype instead of vodafone and em, change how they look with photoshop instead of plastic surgery and steal music and movies instead of money...smh
that guy spent so much time in the matrix he started to poke people in real life to get their attention and even once tried to photoshop a zit before he went out.
by ed the Word September 14, 2009
The Matrix, Reloaded, and Revolutions are fantastic movies, but not for everyone. If you hate them, then you don't understand them.
You idiot.
The Matrix is Real. If only you could see the code.
by SweetNeo85 March 10, 2004
a movie about a nerdy guy who takes a shit load of acid. think about it, a black man he has never met gives him a pill (granted acid is given in tabs, but ladies and gentlemen, you must understand, the nerdy man took a ridiculous amount of acid, ergo the large pill) which he says will open his mind, then we see that subsequently to taking this pill, the aforementioned nerdy man gains powers such as flying and stopping bullets. oh, and also he doesn't know what year it is and is fighting robots. well isn't that just a dandy acid trip.
black dude: yo nigga take this pill and its gonna make ya wake up and see the truth, word
neo: ok (swallows pill)
neo: whoa man, im like tripping man
black dude: that will be 200 dollars.

(why does the example need to use the word the matrix)
by da booze man October 15, 2007
1. Semi-literate sixth form philosophy.
2. Vanity project for vaguely talented directors.
3. Holy fucking shit, dude! Did you see that fucking explosion! Dude!
"Well, you can't really understand the matrix without reading Nietzsche. You just can't."
by Anonymous July 22, 2004
A really cool move that involves alot of back bending ans side twisting in order to dodge objects.
he did a matrix and dogded that football
by matt November 14, 2003
The Matrix was the brilliant construction and engineering feat of the unified race of machines that solved man's infinite hunger for the Earth's finite resources. Rather than occupying real space on the Earth's surface; burning real fossil fuels exumed from within the Earth's crust; decimating real rain forests that once populated nearly all of the land mass of the planet, man has been reborn in a simulation. On a side note: the human body is not really the most efficient / abundant dynamo available to the machine race for transforming biochemical energy into heat and electricity, but this is what the machines would like us to believe, in order to maintain man's perception of the machine race as one of "pure horrifying precision," against which (and this is the key) a war is completely futile. The sooner you accept your new reality, the happier you will become.
In the film "The Matrix," the machines offered Cypher a grand life, even as his human "companions" took it from him!
by Donny Viszneki March 21, 2006
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