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A mystic philosophy taught by Jesus of Nazareth. This philosophy contains the true teachings of Jesus, who seems to have been highly influenced by Buddhist philosophy. The central book in the Gnostic canon seems to have been the Gospel of Thomas. The Gospel of Thomas was written somewhere between the years of 50-90 CE. Gnosticism teaches that God is only good, but that humans view Him as bad because of the delusions of error. Jesus claimed to be teaching God with these delusions removed, which show God in a much more loving and gentle light then the Jewish scriptures. Gnosticism in ancient times had Bishops just like Catholicism. These Bishops called themselves "One Holy Church", just like the Catholics. It would appear that the Church hijacked many things from the Gnostics and then sought to destroy them and their texts. Gnosticism has seen a revival since the discovery of the Nag Hammadi library. Gnosticism is growing within Christianity at any incredible rate.
#christianity #buddhism #hinduism #atheism #jesus #gnosiscism
by Buddhist Gnostic May 13, 2009
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