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A state in which someone's conscousness is altered by both drinking alcohol and being stoned off their ass.
Emily: Are you stoned yet?
Trevor: I'd thay tho mythelf, and drunk, too.. is there a word for that?
Emily: Yeah, you're "Crunked"
Trevor: Tomorrow when I'm still wasted at my dad's work, I'm going to post a useless definition on urbandictionary.com along with our conversation.

And then I lost my virginity. Not a happy story.
by restin256 February 27, 2005
A Linux distro that spun off of RedHat after RH closed its source code. Fedora offers a hacked version of RedHat 9.
Fedora is one of RedHat's excuses to successfully close their source code.
by restin256 January 16, 2004
Carthiginian General who most famously carried elephants across the alps (as the sea control had been lost in the first war) from NW Africa to northern Rome in the second punic war. Also, some guy from some 90's movies who eats people and mistake hanibal the general and hannibal the cannibal.
In the army of Hannibal, war elephants were utilized for annhilating footsoldiers by placing archers on the top and equiping drivers with spikes to hammer into elephans' brains in case they lost control.
by Restin256 June 16, 2003
Once a very good book by the lord god Michael Crichton, now a .. fairly good movie. Spun off many sequels that couldn't keep up with Michael's genuis writing style.
Jurassic Park was a better book than a movie. So was congo (somewhat), sphere, although The Great Train Robbery was a great movie-to-book transition. And I base it on nothing other than Crichton himself directed it.
by restin256 November 16, 2003
One of the most n00b-friendly Linux distros out there. The latest version of SuSE takes up Five 650MB CD Rs and can resize a Windows partition during the installation. Defaultly supports MP3s, DivX, and other formats, as a pose to redhat.
SuSE is cool, but not as cool as Gentoo.
by restin256 January 16, 2004
At least linux isn't backing up the TCPA, fuckheads. If microsoft were in control all you could do on computers is sit on your ass and play your little games all day.
by restin256 December 22, 2003
A type of STAR.
Red giants grow to be lyk.. big. And stuff. Yeah... *grabs encyclopedia*
by restin256 July 21, 2003
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