A threesome where the girl is suspended from the ceiling by wrists and ankles. then one man swings her and another guy stands in front of her and lands his dick in her mouth. The switch on and off swinging, and doing.
dude, we gave that girl a mean swing set last night.
by DVR-310 December 10, 2006
Top Definition
When a male has sweaty testicles and pelvis thrust forward and backward causing his sweaty testicles to make a “slapping” noise. Preferably done right out of the shower in only a towel.
Sam walked out of the shower in a towel with a crazed look in his eyes, and moved his hips back and forth rapidly creating a loud slapping noise. He was performing a powerful swingset.
by ohohface247 June 08, 2010
A dangerous playground object where unsuspecting users can get pinched especially in the guzzy when they are not careful
Susie get down demo that swingset right now young lady! You'll pinch your guzzy!
by jac-h April 21, 2011
A sexual position, similar to the Bonesaw, in which two women and one man is involved. The man, wearing a strap-on on his ass, stands between two tables with women lying on them, face up. With the women's legs on the man's shoulders, he proceeds to penetrate forwards, and backwards, therefore boning both women simultaneously.
Dude! I ran the swingset on those two hoes last night!!
by The Swingsetter January 24, 2008
a swing set is were you got 2 couples swinging with other couples at the sametime
i heard they had fun at bobs lastnight as they were testin out there new swing set
by ODog N Cali M.C N T April 14, 2009
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