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A man is having sex with a woman on a bed and the woman is on top when the man gives an especially hard thrust, sending the woman's head into the ceiling fan. After this, the woman is sent reeling in pain, at which time the man ejaculates into the woman's bleeding scalp.
I ceiling fanned that bitch last night, now I have blood stains on my wall.
by flompydonkydick August 16, 2007
1) Wheels for a car that spin, a.k.a SPINNERS
DAmn, he rollin' with ceiling fans.
by Zooech December 30, 2005
A machine on the ceiling used to move air or heat down to where the person is standing. It can also help cut energy costs by 40% in the winter and 10% in the summer.
I want to cut my energy costs by buying a ceiling fan.
by Private March 19, 2005
a girl 7/31.

Origin: The string.
not tonight dear, I am a ceiling fan.
by Anonymous October 07, 2003