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When a male has sweaty testicles and pelvis thrust forward and backward causing his sweaty testicles to make a “slapping” noise. Preferably done right out of the shower in only a towel.
Sam walked out of the shower in a towel with a crazed look in his eyes, and moved his hips back and forth rapidly creating a loud slapping noise. He was performing a powerful swingset.
by ohohface247 June 08, 2010
When your balls are hanging extremely low, most likely on a hot day, and you shake your hips side to side until your balls wrap around your penis resembling a Tether Ball Pole. This must be done with no hands, making it an accomplishment worth sharing with all your friends.
Sam came in from playing soccer when it was 100 degrees out, took off his gym shorts. He quickly shook his hips side to side repeatedly until his balls had wrapped around this dick. He was proud because he had just done some extreme Tether Balling.
by ohohface247 June 08, 2010
When you insert your finger into someones moist asshole and instantly falls asleep on the job.
Dude last night I never got my nut because when we got back to her house I gave her the Mexican Finger and passed out. Blue balls hella....
by ohohface247 November 23, 2011
2 parts shit 1 part cum.
Alex quickly pulled his dick out of his girlfriends ass producing wicked ass foam. She ass foamed everywhere, ruined the sheets.
by ohohface247 January 06, 2012
Like motor boating, but in someone's ass.
Sam asked his girl friend if he could go tug boating, but was denied because she just had mexican food....
by ohohface247 June 08, 2012

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