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dirty slutty ugly
that girl is guzzy as hell!
by xVXNx August 09, 2012
to be a guuu. a magical flying dog from another world.
what up guzzy guzz guu
by balz January 02, 2008
Matter, sometimes thick, emanating from the mucous membranes of the human nostrils. Sometimes referred to as snot or "snaught."
"Boy, you are so full of shit that you should just sit down and eat a guzzy sandwich on rye bread. And don't come back until you do."
by Ron E. Nose December 16, 2007
The term "Guzzy" originated from the 00's when the people of Poole starting using this term as another way to describe someone as a retard, jokingly or in a serious way.

This is because the famous inbred family in Poole named: The Johnsons who are actually like an incest mafia have a family member named Guzzy he is Cay's niece and grandad who is also cousins with gunners. He is not the brightest of the bunch, but he has excellent piano skills with his 25 fingers.
" Look at him, the Guzzy!"
"Why you acting like a Guzzy?"
"She's the main Guzzy."
by PooleDorsetBanter August 07, 2015

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