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Duran actually means one who is prefect without flaw.
with someone named Duran it is obvious there flawless, impeccable and undeniably indefectible. People with this name tend to have beautiful facial features and they have hair like silk! If your a Duran that means u dont need school because your looks will undoubtably take you threw life with flying colors. Others are jealous and envious of him its quite the conundrum actually. People Indubitably will never apprehend or fathom how there can be such a perfect creature.


1..In the early 1420s the Greeks were actually planning on building a 2 billion statue resembling Duran, but they didn't have enough money even after they sold all there kids and produces and houses to the egyptians.

2.. The story of Hercules was actually supposed to be Duran but a young jealous wank changed it.

3..In 2099 all the countries will put money together and build a 5 billion foot statue of Duran on pluto, mars and the sun
People only dream of being a Duran.
by Archibald grizwald April 28, 2008
A character used in the PC Video game Starcraft Brood War. Duran Appears in the first level of the Terran Campaign as a Ghost. His real name is Samir Duran but is referred to as just Duran. Later is infested by Kerrigan and manipulates the Terran race to destroying its own defenses. He is seen at the end of the game creating a race by morphing a a Zerg and a Protoss unit together.

There was rumors of Duran returning in Starcraft II with his own race but those rumors have been announced untrue.
Jim Raynor: I cant believe Duran got the best of us...
Kerrigan: It was all part of my master plan.
by -=[DeTeRMiNaTioN]=- July 31, 2009
Fat little basterd never seen the light of day and has Dandruff.
Man that guys such a Duran.
by nigger slapper February 17, 2005
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