A Superman is when you take a crap so huge that it makes two turns in the bowl forming an S shape. This is very similar to a "Crowd Pleaser" shit because you want to show somebody your accomplishment.
"Hey Uncle Jed, lookie here, I just laid a perfect Superman."
by Mick3 February 11, 2008
a thing that goes in your pee hole that while you fuck it rubs on the girls clit
i superman'd that bitch and she nutted three times in 15 minutes
by Senormagnifico April 13, 2010
A certain move some lap dancers use, usually creepy guy lap dancers that lap dance for girls when they turn 21, where they go on their front and wrap their legs around the chair and complete it with superman arm positioning.
After seeing his man thong and large belly she got superman'd
by BexCa April 26, 2009
To fuck a girl, then throw her over a tall building in a single bound.
Slut: I'm pregnant, teehee!

You: This looks like a job for Superman...
by DaddySmallBalls March 03, 2009
expletive: This word normally used to express incredible happiness, or just has a severe case of ADHD
Hey John you just won $100 million bucks!
by cnick May 24, 2005
(Verb) The act of falling off a horse and sustaining serious life threatening injuries such as becoming a paraplegic. Given the name after the famous actor from the Superman movie series Christopher Reeves.
Dude! Did you hear what happened to Nick on his dream trip to South Africa?
No I didn't what happened?
He did a superman and was in a comma for like more than a month!!
by wukillalogic January 05, 2010
Superman is a lame and stupid superhero from a stupid comic book. Superman is especially not better than CATWOMAN (the best superhero ever). His powers are useless and he is quite ugly. He wears red underwear over blue tights (attractive....NOT) and a red cape with a yellow S on his chest. Which supposedly stands for superman but i think it is meant to stand for stupidman.

This, especially compared to Catwoman (another superhero), makes him stupid and worthless.
OMG what is that ugly thing in the sky?

I think its superman

Oh man that sucks, I want catwoman to save our day.

I agree.
by Sallyyyx October 15, 2010

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