The greatest superhero. His only weakness, "kryptonite", doesn't really exist therefore he is invincible. It has been said that he functions regularly in society under the alias, "Mago". It goes without question that he is much cooler than batman and any other hero.
random person: "Woah! You really are Superman."

Superman: "Yes, and I'm much cooler than that pansy, batman."
by Mago7 April 21, 2011
If your woman doesn't want to have sex with you, wait till she sleeps and cum on her back then stick a bed sheet to it, by the time she wakes it should have dried and she will have a superman cape
I supermaned that ho' fo' sho'
by Phillyboy71 April 14, 2008
A superhero who wears undergarment outside...!
lady1: hahahaha look at that crazy guy he wore his underwear outside!!!!;))))))

lady2 : hahahahaha just like superman :))))))))))))
by the crazy man...!! November 03, 2011
when your lady is sleeping place you ass above her face facing her feet slap her stomach and throw your arms forward and say wooosh this will startle the female and her face will then enter your ass
i gave my girlfriend a superman last night... she was pissed, it was awsome
by KevBo541 April 14, 2011
Stopping at a gas station bathroom to change for another event you have to go to.
After school, I'm going to work. But I gotta stop at the gas station to superman into my work clothes.
by Mike09 February 26, 2010
See retard. Total. Retard. Moo.
Super-Man on efnet is a retard!
by Morgana February 08, 2005
A Superman is when you take a crap so huge that it makes two turns in the bowl forming an S shape. This is very similar to a "Crowd Pleaser" shit because you want to show somebody your accomplishment.
"Hey Uncle Jed, lookie here, I just laid a perfect Superman."
by Mick3 February 11, 2008

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