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1. An expression used as a substitute for lil dawg, lil homie, young blood, young bruh, etc.

2. A young man/little boy, especially if naïve and inexperienced.
----This definition of lil nigga can be more addressed by the older and/or more experienced.----

3. A young man/little boy that's fearful or less of a threat.
Why that lil nigga always acting up?
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant November 04, 2006
Meaning that you are less of a threat or a coward
That boy wont do nothin he just a lil nigga
by mr. bigibig June 25, 2006
the act of being the the youngest and most immature in a group of friends.
SS: Did you hear that lil nigga rambling on and on about that stupid ass girl?

SS2: Yea dude shes like 12 what a lil nigga.. he would go after that.

lil nigga: Man its not like its fucked up im just a lil nigga
by JustCallMeMcGowan December 24, 2009
A gamer that is lower than the MEDIUM NIGGA, but still shows promise...sometimes.

The general goal of the LIL NIGGA is to become the MEDIUM NIGGA. Although this is possible, it is a hard task to accomplish seeing as the MEDIUM NIGGA is at a higher level.


BIG NIGGA: Go kill the LIL NIGGA, we don't want his hopes going up too high.

MEDIUM NIGGA: Right then. I'll be right back.

*BAM! LIL NIGGA just died*
by WISE NIGGA March 06, 2009
kirk "lil' nigga" newman
dat iz 1 crazee 'lil nigga! he b all playin' wit dat dogz balls, yo!
by big_baller February 09, 2005
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