Superman is when a dude is having sex with a girl doggystyle he pulls out and cums on her back, then throws a sheet on her and pushes her off the bed making her fly!
Dude, when I skeeted, I supermanned that ho.
by joek380 July 22, 2008
Another word for "tailgater," who is an automobile driver who recklessly follows behind another car at a very close distance.
While I was coming home from work last night, I had Superman hot on my ass. He got so close to me that I couldn't even see his headlights below my back window.
by D3ath_Master December 11, 2008
Superman is a lame and stupid superhero from a stupid comic book. Superman is especially not better than CATWOMAN (the best superhero ever). His powers are useless and he is quite ugly. He wears red underwear over blue tights (attractive....NOT) and a red cape with a yellow S on his chest. Which supposedly stands for superman but i think it is meant to stand for stupidman.

This, especially compared to Catwoman (another superhero), makes him stupid and worthless.
OMG what is that ugly thing in the sky?

I think its superman

Oh man that sucks, I want catwoman to save our day.

I agree.
by Sallyyyx October 15, 2010
When scoring a kill on a scrub in Gears of War 1 or 2 when they are rolling forward, back, side or jumping over cover, forcing them to fly back or forward like Superman.

A skilled shot at the least.
Une4k: G3t superman'd, scrub.

Gamer #2: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh

I3lood: Nice shot!
by G3t Superman'd December 20, 2008
Verb--1. to complete an action with full determination, similar to "giving one's all" and "throwing one's back into" something.

2. Someone, male or female, with the personal virtues and qualities of Super Man.

3. (Now becoming obsolete)--in reference to the once highly popular song "Crank That" by Souja Boy Tell 'Em, the meaning of which is universally unknown.
"You've got to put your back into it, you've got to Super Man that." -Sheng Wang, comedian.

"He is a man of Super Man proportions."
by Sleyah May 06, 2009
When a guy is peeing in the bathroom and doesn't close the door the whole way, and a drunken girl purposely falls into the door to open it and reveal him urinating. The guy then looks over his shoulder with a creepy clownish grin.
Joe walked into the bathroom not knowing that Ally would purposely superman the door to catch a glimpse
by Clugg November 23, 2008
The most ass-kickin' superhero in the whole world aside from Batman!
Superman really knocked the stuffing outta that General Zod!
by pentozali March 09, 2008

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