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When the feeling's gone and you can't go on
When you lose control and you have no soul, it's tragedy
by anonymous May 14, 2003
50 20
oscar wilde said "tragedy is when i cut my finger, comedy is when you fall down an open manhole cover and die".
"oh man, i broke a nail, what a tragedy"
"that dude just fell into an open sewer and died! hahaha!"
by Benji July 27, 2003
51 31
A complete fail, a terrible series of events, a failed gathering, a lame time, a fall through of plans, or any exaggerated mishap
Grant: Dude there are 7 people at this party
Austin: I don't understand man, 550 people were invited
Grant: This is a tragedy
by The Only G-Money August 22, 2010
14 3
The opposite of jokes; the antithesis of cool. Invented by Nerdfighter John Green.
Hey, remember when you stole my ex-girlfriend? That was really tragedies.
by valerie2776 April 22, 2008
10 0
when Drama(see "drama") is abound and it causes a bad scene. can cause the loss of friends, the hurting of feelings, etc. also prominant in the gay community.
Allie: they were causing so much drama i couldnt take it anymore.
Josh: well thats their tragedy to handle now.
by Allie May 19, 2003
15 13
When a once attractive and voluptuous woman gets a breast reduction and now just looks fat.
What a TRAGEDY! Liz used to be a buxom, blue-eyed blond that I loved to titty-fuck....but then she got a breast reduction and now all I want to do is play hide-and-seek in the folds of her stomach.
by cunninglinguist March 17, 2004
27 26
See comedy.
Did you see the tragedy on the news last night? That was hilarious!
by See you in hell May 25, 2004
8 23