a car that runs on manual (stick shift) transmission.
My new vettes a stick, six speed w/posi-drive.
by nitro November 09, 2003
A word used in UK slang meaning gun, handgun, pistol ect.
Very commonly used in south london.
Blud i swear, manz over there always carryin sticks.

Whatever happened to the days when we didnt roll wid these sticks man

That brea thinks he bad coz hes got a stick.

"if you aint got your stick with u m8/ don't even itch up your waiste/ or a breadrin gunna remember the night that he fucked up your face/" - Mike GLC.
by charlie555 October 23, 2007
A word that orginally refered to suffolk, but not tends to be used to describe a place that is away from a main city.
"Oh, I don't actually live there, I'm more out in the sticks"
by Melbell August 24, 2005
pool (the game)
"dude, let's shoot some stick after work."
by westman November 09, 2003
Picking on, bullying, being mean.
"I like your hair today!"
"Me too, but I've got alot of STICK for it though."
by *Chrissy* August 29, 2006
Long slender pieces of wood.
Look, those are sticks.
by Rare White Ape August 25, 2005
Snowboarder/Skier slang used to describe the successful landing of an aerial stunt.
"Watch this, I'm really going to stick this one, guys."

"Did you see Dan's mondo '3'?"

"Yeah, he really stuck it."

by Seiji January 09, 2006
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