Light-hearted banter between work colleagues or friends. Strangely, used almost exclusively in a sporting arena during players' post match interviews.
I missed an open goal, but luckily we won anyway. The lads will give me some stick about it.
by badzilla July 28, 2009
A slang terms used for a drug call xanax.
Yo cuh, I got the hook up on them sticks.
by Desirae nigga January 20, 2007
implement used for playing ice hockey
He broke his stick over that guy's face and was voted the game's most valuable player.
by pun tang October 17, 2003
1) Weed stems
2) Anywhere far away from the crib
1) pick out these damn sticks for me
2) Damn j0! we out in the sticks!
by MrGrinch August 07, 2003
Australian slang for one gram of marijuana. The price for a stick can range from $10 to $25 depending on the quality of the product and the dealers idea of what a stick should look like. Sticks are usually eyeballed so actual weight can vary between dealers.
Give us a stick man, I got $20.
by Cheseburger June 18, 2007
The Chapman Stick (R), a 10 or more stringed instrument in the guitar family, played by tapping the strings against the frets with the fingers of both hands, instead of using one hand to pluck the string and the other to hold it against the fret. Only people, usually muthafucka's - second definition - with too much time on their hands learn how to play. See
What the hell is that sitar-lookin' contraption? That's no sitar, that's the Stick!!
What the hell kind of bass is that? That's no bass, that's the Stick!!
What the hell...(you get the picture)
by Slashy J. Izzbourne August 23, 2004
1 gram of marijuana - $20au worth
Gotta stick for me buddy
by OGP August 27, 2003

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