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Ecstacy, slang for Disco biscuit
I love eating bikkies and gettting messy
by OGP August 27, 2003
A person who enjoys taking illegal substances and listening to loud repetitive music while jumping up and down and moving in unusual ways. see off guts
Allan is a doofer he loves dumping and going to a rave
by OGP August 27, 2003
Some one that has consumed too much MDMA and is in a trance like state
I ate 8 pills the other night I was so off guts
by OGP August 27, 2003
1 gram of marijuana - $20au worth
Gotta stick for me buddy
by OGP August 27, 2003
The son of a man that make a hell of alot of sinkers
hey sinker boy what you doing sinker boy
by OGP August 27, 2003
A Person of asian Decent - Slanty Eyes
See - Slap Happy
Lets go to cabramatta see all the Slap heads
by OGP August 27, 2003
A happy slap head - see slap head
Look at that slap happy workin in that 2 dolla shop
by OGP August 27, 2003
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