slang for surfboard, mostly west coast hawaii and southeast
"Just throw your stick in the back of the truck and well hit the beach"
by Anonymous April 27, 2003
Another way of saying AK-47. It refers to the rifle's butt end which is made out of wood, hence the term, "stick".

Mainly used in the south, especially Miami, where it might have originated.
Got a AK that'll tear ur whole day apart, that stick'll make em sit like a st. bernard
by red305 June 24, 2010
either stick or stuck..
-stick--imma punch dat nigga in his jaw
-stuck--i punched dat boy in his face las week
dat fuckin lil boy pissin me tha fuck off imma go stick him wen tha bell rings
by x0 LuCi0uS March 11, 2005
A stiff dick; a dick that is as stiff as a stick.
Wow, you have a stick!
by dropmyshoe October 15, 2007
Non complimentary description of a skinny individual. Usually accompanied by crappy personality...Mainly applied to males.
"Did you see stick today?"
by sheeet June 20, 2006
Chapman Stick
A 10- or 12-stringed fretted instrument in the guitar family.
The Chapman Stick is a one-piece instrument with no discernible body. The neck is the entire body, therefore it resembles a stick.

The Chapman Stick is played solely with the tapping or two-handed tapping or double-handed tapping technique, in which each hand plays lines and melodies independently.

The Chapman Stick has a unique tuning which offers a range extending lower than a bass guitar and to about the same high pitch as an electric guitar.
Moron #1: Hey, what's that thing the bass player's got?
Moron #2: You moron, haven't you ever seen a dulcimer before?
Educated fool with money on his mind: You guys, it's called a Chapman Stick. He's tapping it up!
by Flint Blade September 16, 2005
Miami slang for a rifle.
Homeboy get the stick.
by salfordlad710 November 24, 2011

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