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n: an extremely sexy person; a person that oozes sexiness
That girl is such a Sterk, she gets me hard just thinking about her!
by Tremaine June 09, 2003
Combination of the words Stalk and Lerk, mainly used on sites such as facebook or myspace.
i'm going to sterk his facebook
by buttercups<3 July 21, 2008
Spastic motion of jumping and flinging limbs to the right.
I got so excited i sterked!

Everytime I get excited i sterk.
by Sterking November 20, 2010
Basically, a stupid jerk.
That guy just pushed me! He's such a sterk!
by Patapat May 16, 2008
A contraction and an insult to a heterosexual(straight) jerk.
That fucking asshole who didnt lisp when he gave us the menu is Such A Sterk
by biff February 23, 2005
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