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an african word for the marijuana plant
Hey man, do you wanna smoke some gugu tonight?
by bluntsmoker420 March 27, 2010
Gugu basically means your object of affection. A cute sounding word which describes overwhelming love and happiness with your significant other. Can be used as a nickname on its own or paired with other words eg. Gugutime, guguland.
1. I miss my gugu.
2. You're such a gugu.
3. Let's have some gugutime!
by guguprincess August 31, 2014
Brown kid who likes Kittys, the computer, and his right hand...when combined he is in heaven!
DAMN....look at that Gu Gu go!
by jiminy criket December 24, 2005
a very higly appreciated god of the holy children of the sun association
oh my gugu, gugu is really the god of the world
by nathan lal May 11, 2005
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