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Being unbelieveably drunk
OMG I jus drank that whole bottle of wine myself - I've never been this steamboated!!!! CHOOOOO CHOOOOOO!!!!!
by N =) January 22, 2009
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to be completley pissed out of your tree
"i cant believe i shagged that fat trout last night, i was fucking steamboated"
by supertad June 02, 2005
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The term for when you've consumed that much alcohol you think you can actually see Bob Marley in a hula skirt singing 'Baby it's cold outside'. The highest state of intoxication.
Jo: I went to a house party last night and necked a bottle of tequila. I was steamboated.
Bob: Good Times.
Jo: Yeah, til I thought my boyfriend was getting off with the wall and i battered it, and broke four fingers.
Bob: Bad times.
by GlewbyDoo_x April 29, 2009
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