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When you are wearing a turtleneck sweater and you fart, the fart gasses will travel up your pants, up your sweater, and exit through the turtle-neck opening at the top of your shirt. The turtle neck acts similar to a funnel on a steamboat (aka steamship, steamer).
After finishing a two-pound burrito and leaving the restaurant in his turtleneck, Javier was farting so much he resembled a paddle steamboat traveling down the Mississippi.
by Gullywood Productions November 27, 2014
To get completely, hopelessly and utterly drunk or "off yer face". Words and phrases of the same definition include "steaming", or "getting boats".
Me and the boys are getting on the steamboat tonight!
by m January 26, 2004
To be intoxicated on alcohol to a moderatley but managably high level.
I'd hud 7 pints and then stotted up the road, steamboats, like.
by hostage March 12, 2005
Scottish terminology for being drunk.
"Well, I was once out at a local pub watching an Irish band, had too many whiskeys, and got steam boats."
by Steven, credit to Molly May 24, 2008
While suffering from acute flatulence, stick your ass in a girls breasts and fart. Related to the motorboat. Not to be confused with the hot carl or the cleveland steamer.
After eating Chipotle for dinner I had such bad gas I gave my girlfriend the steamboat last night.
by KingCox February 05, 2006
The act of taking a hit of weed then going under water and blowing out all the smoke. The bubbles will then pop at the surface of the water and smoke will come out resembeling a steamboat.
Randy: Bill you'll never believe what happened last night at Joey's house.

Bill: What the hell happened man?

Randy: We were all in the hot tub smoking some white widow and i looked over at waka and he was doing the mother fucking steamboat.
by WakaFlockaFlame9559889 March 11, 2010
1. to be very highly intoxicated on copius amounts of alcohol, to the point where you can just manage to walk

2. a chant which is shouted by yourself and a group of friends when you are leaving the pub/club/bar and are walking down the street, after a heavy drinking session
1. ah man, me and the lads had a great night, we where so steam boat it took me 2 hours to walk half a mile home.

2. me and the lads where shouting "STEEEEEEAM BOOOOOAT" all night last light, and we woke some old lady up!!
by yogigypsy October 16, 2009
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